4) In the Name of Change

As an “intern,” my tasks continued throughout IYLA and well past its conclusion. I was considered a delegate, but one who needed to help move the process along rather than fully participate in it. In a way, this was a greater means of participation, peering at the days through the lens of a camera, diving into the footage and helping piece together a promotional video toward the conclusion of the program.

Or that would have been the case, had the video been spearheaded by another delegate. While I did help with the shooting process, my tasks were dumbed down to encompass live tweeting and further WIX edits, but I couldn’t complain. I was surrounded by delegates from all over the world, brought together in the name of change. Each and every one of these people strove to make a difference, a positive impact on the world, and each brought their own problems to the table for further evaluation. A young man from the Philippines stated they were losing their war on drugs due to corrupt cops. A woman from Seattle proclaimed the environment was a top priority. A defector from North Korea was present as a delegate; her dilemma was obvious. Everyone brought their own pains, and in the midst of it all arose a joy. Many of these people would go on to become my friends in the coming days. An exchange of cultures, culminating in celebration all in the name of change.