2) Don’t Call Us “Interns”

Some info about myself: I am a rising junior at Florida State University, majoring in Editing, Writing and Media and minoring in Communications. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and happened upon Global Peace Youth online last year when searching for summer internships. When I applied, I sought to fulfill a digital communications position for the nonprofit and nothing more. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Early 2016 rolled around and the internship connected. I was interviewed over the phone and landed the job, an unpaid position of course. I’m elated, never concerned about the money. If I learned anything from my English major, never be concerned about the money. Fast forward to summer, and the internship began. I am tasked with everything from Photoshop to Facebook posts to WIX edits. It is made clear from day one that this internship isn’t merely getting coffee for superiors and copying documents. Chairman of IYLA, John Dickson regarded us as a family and firmly stated that we were not to refer to ourselves as “interns.” This is a collective group, working together to ensure I