3) Wheelchairs

The first thing I noticed about the 2016 population of delegates was that many of the participants were older. While there were many young adults around my age, the majority of the throng was comprised of middle aged thinkers, ready to influence the younger with their own mantras and isms.

The crowd was wildly diverse, cementing the international feel of the Assembly. The countries most represented were Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, and surprisingly Australia. Of the roughly fifty members, four were from Australia, competing against the host U.S. presence of a slim three, myself included. All walks of life were present, all races, classes, sexual orientations. It quickly became clear that youth was merely a state of mind. Mr. Dickson constantly reminded us that ambition and desire made individuals young at heart, thusly explaining the presence of the older crowd. A willingness to listen came next, a prelude to the UN’s creed of “promoting” sustainable development (a post on that to come).