1) Boulders and Elephants

How do you eat an elephant? This bizarre question keeps popping up throughout my life, influencing my work, tormenting my thought process, and inspiring me to write these posts. This question best answered when considering the inner workings of the world, and no one else better understands the world’s inner workings than the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA).

Some context: Back in December of 2012, the stars aligned and an unprecedented opportunity arose. A chance to strike the vein of potential: a way of relaying pure motivation to influence the world’s youth. The organization known as Global Peace Youth threw together a haphazard yet surprisingly succinct act known as the IYLA, a tightly knit if not chaotic series of events. Should one visit IYLA’s website, they would find everything the event stands for: Amassing “delegates” so that they might bestow them first-hand experience in leadership, and joining them in a “lasting global leadership network,” so that they might build a platform to tackle current critical issues.