Daily Sketch - Day 9 (8/19): Here We Come

On this final day of the 4th IYLA, almost 600 participants from nearly 80 nations attended IYLA at the United Nations. Here, an inspiring panel of diplomats from the United Nations, including members from parliaments around the world, young entrepreneurs, and chairmen and CEOs from international organizations gathered to share their vision with the world.

With such an overwhelming outpouring of heart and sincerity, it is difficult to fully express every message that was delivered at the UN today under the theme of “Moral and Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service, and Entrepreneurship”. That being said, I would like to share the words that struck me the most today. I leave these precious words for you, open to interpretation and inspiration.

“People who build people are heroes. People who build things are engineers.” -Hon. Jacob L’Okori (Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Uganda)