Day 5 Daily Sketch (8/15): Powerful Beyond Measure

To begin the IYLA’s final day in Washington D.C., our young delegates had the opportunity to visit 5 different embassies. In groups, we met the ambassadors and diplomats of the embassies of the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain.

powerful beyond measure.jpg

As a visitor in a small group I was able to sit in for an intimate dialogue with the delegates of the Embassy of Spain. We listened and asked questions as each delegate presented how their department worked with U.S. and Spanish companies to cultivate a culture of mutual prosperity, from agriculture and commercialism to science and education. Although every embassy in nations around the world works to develop the prosperity of their cultural traditions in those countries, we are all learning from each other to allow our homes to grow. We are growing in so many ways, not just economically, but in diversity, accidently encouraging communities to love the traditions of other cultures. In this way we make the world smaller