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Dato DK Tan


At a tender age of twelve, Dato’ DK Tan was greatly influenced to be generous in every financial means by his father Dr. Steve Tan, who was then a business owner with a compassion for philanthropy. As a youngster, with his reputation and his restless energy, he had raised the attention from his teachers to recognize his potential as a ‘born-­‐leader’. By then upon reaching his teens and leaving high school, he was already into entrepreneurship, which he then had set up YES (Young Entrepreneur Society), which lead and mentored young business entrepreneurs which wanted to venture into the business world, but had no idea of entrepreneurship.
It was then in the year 2007, when he first met Udesh Chaskar (Osiris International partner) to set up a youth organization that not only helps youth to set up a business but as well as a networking-­‐base for these youth to be able to learn, prosper and give back to the society.
~The idea was to give back and raise youth leaders!
As his vision was to raise more youth leaders, Dato’ DK Tan realized that not only his capabilities was important, but also he needed more knowledge in international relations. In 2011, his hunger for knowledge eventually awarded him a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Camden University.
By the age of 23, Dato’ DK Tan has already achieved numerous awards and recognitions, amongst them;
21st Century ; Most Prestigious Youth Entrepreneur Award
21st Century ; Product Quality Award
Top Corporate Leader Award
Youth Ambassador for Peace Award (UPF)
Motivational Speaker termed trademark; The Young Tiger
Guest interviewee for several local television programs Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia staring as Interview Guest.
By the age of 26, Dato’ DK Tan has established himself as a successful businessman in the business industry and has since been a motivator to thousands of people who has benefited from his energized, charismatic personality. Specializing in International Marketing & Business Relations (PhD), has even made him to grow internationally serving as a consultant to many companies as well as business individuals. Today, Osiris International is proud to be this base engaged for the greater good in serving humanity and raising youth leaders.
Termed as “The Young Tiger”, his motivation to see more youth leaders in Osiris International has continued to drive him onwards, his dream: “The passion in my life is to see others be successful in whichever direction they choose in life”, Making it his mission as well as joy in his life.

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