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Gina Liv Tesla
Founder, Life Foundation Malaysia


Gina Liv Tesla is the Vice President, Corporate Citizenship. As one of the top members of the leadership team in IBM Corporate Citizenship and the IBM Foundation, Gina’s portfolio spans multi-million- dollar investments in three strategic areas: education & skills, health and community resiliency. She leads Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability across IBM, covering employee engagement, environment, human resources, public policy, supply chain, governance and research. Gina also leads IBM’s award-winning Corporate Service Corps and IBM Volunteers initiatives. Gina is an innovator who developed tri-sector partnerships that include: designing the IBM and Peace Corps partnership in Ghana, the Philippines, Mexico and Peru; creating the Global FoodBanking Network partnership which includes $1.2M in contributions 5 countries across Latin America; and collaboration with The Nature Conservancy on environmental management in Brazil, Peru & Colombia.

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