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Osama Alsaleh
Digital Governance Specialist


Osama Alsaleh has worked at the World Bank Group for nearly two years, holding three different consultancy positions. He has engaged in global markets including the World Bank Group Saudi Arabian Executive Director's Office, China, Sweden and the United States. During his time at the World Bank’s Saudi Arabian Executive Director’s office, Osama worked closely with senior economists assessing feasibility and risk of numerous international loan projects. Prior to joining the World Bank, Osama drafted U.S. grant proposals and analyzed bills for improvements of the US private sector at STEMConnector consulting in Washington, D.C. In Xi’an, China, he served as a consultant for Eco-Way Limited specializing in negotiations and partnerships. After graduating from the George Washington University, Osama joined WG Investment Fund as a part-time banker and the International Monetary Fund’s Information Systems team. He is passionate about social impact, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

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