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Look at the Interests of Others' rather than Ourselves

Melinda Sanchez at US-China Summit

I came from a very strong Christian home. And when we talk about the value of community, the scriptures says not to look out only for your interests, let’s look at the interests of others’. And that is something I have been taught. And I was really excited that I finally decided to talk today because it gave me the opportunity to study and learn more about what’s going on globally and I focus very much on my every day job on the Latino community here in America and any Latin America overall, being able to expand myself, beyond myself, beyond America, and looking at the role of global community, and I am really excited about it. 


We have one global that we live on, no other option. We are mean to coexist with each other, we are mean to enjoy the gift with being with one another. We are mean to fellowship in many different ways. To be intentional about community, to be intentional about life together on this planet that we has been given. 

Intercultural Understanding and Youth Responsibility

Xingru He at Us-China Summit

China and US were benefiting mutually in the past. China won’t be able to grow this quickly without American technology, and US could not enjoy using the products at this price without the workforce in China. 


China and US still don’t know each other very well. Biased comments will lead to biased views for the young people, and this could last for a long time.


Secondly, about conflict. My mentor from the US once asked me a question. “Do you think that all the conflicts that happened were coincident?” “No, they are not. If you think about two children hoping to grab a toy, conflict occurs.” Countries are just like Kids trying to grow up and learn. Different from people, countries learn much slower. But let us think from a different perspective, we should feel lucky don’t we? Because we can observe and analyze which method will make people happier. Why people are angry with each other? They should be happy because the other country is a good experiment and evidence to show what the other country is experiencing while developing in a different mechanism. So my friends, think calmly.


Finally, is my challenge to you all. As young leaders, we need to take more risk and responsibilities. You should learn more languages, acquire wisdom, and keep moving forward. Once you stop, the only way you can shift is downward.


 Very last, I view everyone as a brick, and we should have a goal to build a fabulous building with different bricks. The piling of the bricks doesn’t mean we are stepping onto each other, but by building a gorgeous building by putting our hands together. I hope all of you could have a successful life and be the leaders to make the world a better place.

Persistence, Positivity, and Relationship

Afroz Zain Algiers at OAS

I find this trip is fantastic. I have two things for you from these three days’ experience at IYLA. One is the power of persistence and positivity. From my conversation with each of you, and the stories you told me, I have this kind of belief and hope that we are the young leaders that actually change the world. Thought two was the magic of relationships. So now each individuals here is a remarkable person, no doubt about that. No doubt that each of you is capable of doing good things. But I feel like we come together, put our ideas together, energies together, our passion together, and we can make a millions of impacts. We can do that together. So what I will urge you to do as you go forward, is to be persistent and share really positive ideas. But please promise is that we can use our friendship to move forward for the benefits of global community. So whenever you are travel to California, remember that you have a travel friend here. So if you talk to me, I will take you around. 

Making an Integrated Map

Whitne Bradford at US-China Summit

 We need to make an integrate map order. I will sum this up by making a calling action: It’s up to our generation, going with this youth leadership team that we need to initiate collaboration whether it comes from China or whether it comes from America. It needs to happen because this whole side by side competition is not going to hold out much longer and we just encourage a dominate and uncooperative behavior. So it is about who can initiate first, and create a utilitarian map that helps the greater good. The greater good of America, and the greater good of China and how that grouping to all other countries in the world that are affective by those two economies, these two institutions. Because this is not a singular society any more, this is a globalize society. Until we understand that, and until we are going to cooperate, that is when we will have good relations.

Understand, Trust, and Unite

Dr. Chongzhi Zang at US-China Summit

So after eight years of study and research work in the United States, I was honored to work with the smartest science in Harvard.


All development in genetic sciences should contribute to an international collaborating scientific project. That was initiated in the 21st century and was completed only ten years ago. That was the human gene project, in which scientists from more than a dozen of different countries work closely together to determine the DNA sequence of the entire human geno. In that project, China took one percent of the job. As the so-called one of the three biggest scientific projects in the 21st century, the symbol of human geno project is that the open of the big international collaboration everywhere for scientific research. For science research, we deal with unknown, and make discoveries that nobody knows at a time. So trust is the most important. We collaborate based on our mutual interests and mutual trust. So trust is the most important for people from a team to work together, and accomplish the goal. 


we can unite. This is not just for Chinese people studying and working in the U. S., it is rather for all Americans and Chinese people care about both their countries, care about the planet that we live together. As the two biggest countries in the world, we have commitment to human based on mutual interests and mutual trust. 


Through really understand each other, to really trust each other and most importantly to unite. I believe the power of our young generations can work together and make our earth a better home.

Challenges Exist, Work it Out Together

Xiaoxuan Liu at US-China Summit

There are challenges to reduce poverty and maintain peace the world face today. And I understood the emergency and importance of holding this to prepare us meeting these challenges through the vision, service and entrepreneurship. 


Culture exchange has always been an important way and promoting peace and development.


We young people want to devote ourselves to motivation drive as a way to contribute to the world peace and development. With these words coming to an end, I want to take this opportunity to call upon all my sisters and brothers in the world to try our best to build our world into an age of lasting peace and prosperity. One world one dream. 

Family Values

Shuai Liang at US-China Summit

We had to work together as a leadership group, take a truth ownership at this special arrow. When we have this ownership, we will realize that we are truly brothers and sisters, regardless of our skin colors, religious belief, where you are from, what your background is, and in which social economic status level you are . Because that is the fundamental powerful principle and value that each of us has to pursuit. 


It is true that these two nations are not just nations. They are like two elder brothers; they have such special talents to contribute to their own benefits for the world. And our family need more members, each family members, brothers or sisters from every corners of the world, share your heart, your passion, motivation, determination for the future to work together. I think this is my role in this mission, and also network. We can build strong network for future events. 

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