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Willice Onyango

President, International Youth Council-Kenya


Willice Onyango is an international youth advocate. His work centers on global advocacy work that puts young people at the heart of development policy and practice, prioritizing the post-2015 agenda.


Willice Onyango is Chairperson of the International Youth Council Chapter in Kenya, a Children and Youth Working Group nominee to the Beyond 2015 Drafting Committee and Africa Youth Ambassador for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


Willice has served as Youth Mobilizer for Rio+20 Dialogues, Africa Youth Representative to the Africa We Want, Youth nominee to Beyond 2015 Drafting Committee and Youth Representative at the Post 2015 High Level Panel Meetings of Imminent Persons meetings in Bali, London and Monrovia.He has convened, spoke at, participated in major national, regional and international conferences.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Diplomacy and Disaster Management.

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