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Udesh Chaskar


A true trailblazer since young, Udesh Chaskar has always been in-­‐search for success in all scopes. Believing in his true determination that everything is possible and nothing is impossible, he stand out in everything he does.
Will be amazed to hear, ever since young he has always been trying to not only learn but also encourage youngsters to get involved in community development initiatives. From being a car mechanic, to a DJ to even hosting international live-­‐ television programs, he has done it all. All with an obsession proving that nothing is impossible to anyone.
By profession, he is a sport scientist that researches, trains and studies the Malaysian national elite athletes (HPT) at high competitive levels, looking into marginal gains by a millisecond, resulting into podium finishes. Yet he has amazingly been able to divide his time and effort into Youth Development as well. Working for the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia, Chaskar is well known to be a moderator, speaker as well as a trainer in the government sector for youth-­‐social development. Not forgetting as well, a nominated board member to the Task Force by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia, serving as an advisor towards Youth Intellectual Capacity Building.
Pursuing his dream, it was then in 2007 also that he met Dato’ DK Tan and they kicked off to join hands to start a youth base organization that empowers youth towards internationalization and social entrepreneurship. Not only being a base for networking and starting up but also a resource center that enables youth to get latest info, teachings and trainings to empower them to self-­‐sustain as well as give back to the society. Today, Osiris International is proud to be this base engaged for the greater good in serving humanity and raising youth leaders.
His mission; to see more TRUE youth leaders in all regions, standing hand in hand believing in the principles of life; Living For The Greater Good!
As he always says :
“Everything is possible for anyone to achieve, as long as they are committed”

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