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Taimanda Shalhona


General Secretary of the National council of YMCAs of Nigeria. Jos, Plateau State


Taimanda serves as the chief executive officer, organize programs and coordinate the affairs of the YMCA, He is also the Coordinator of Leadership Institute Nigeria, which is the premier institution in Africa and the first of its kind, for training of model leaders in all walks of life to lead Africa to the desired development. The institute work to create leaders who can take advantage of the many assets of Africa and form them into blessings to improve the quality of life of the people. Taimanda’s objective is to provide the best possible services to humanity, making people have a deep sense of significance, while meeting targets set by the team. He studied Psychology, mediation, Human Development, Leadership and cross cultural dialogue, To add to Taimanda’s Experiences, He has champion life changing projects in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, some of this projects includes Peace building campaigns, Conferences, Camps, workshops, Clean water projects, HIV/AIDs Projects, girl child right to education, creation of youth friendly centers and skill acquisition center (such as Footwear training, Fashion Institute and catering training center).

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