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Gloriana Sojo
M.A Student and Teaching Assistant, George Washington University

Gloriana Sojo is a MA student of Geography at The George Washington University, Washington, DC, where she also got her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, Summa Cum Laude. A 23-year old from Costa Rica, Gloriana, who considers herself a writer, geographer, and explorer, has traveled to more than 15 countries in four continents. In her travels and in her academic endeavors she has sought to explore and expose human stories, as well as develop capacity building projects, in the hopes of generating positive social change. In addition to interning at National Geographic in Washington, DC, the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, and a women’s empowerment organization in Nepal, Gloriana has mostly worked and written about migrants in Central and North America.


Her individual and co-authored work in this topic including feature stories, photo series, and academic essays have been published in journals, blogs, and other websites. From co-founding a tutoring center in a squatter settlement in Costa Rica when she was in high school, to organizing a PhotoVoice project to give marginalized migrant youth a voice in Washington, DC, and putting together a summit for undocumented students in Virginia, Gloriana complements her academic and journalistic work with grass-roots organizing and capacity building. She received the John Henry Cowles Prize in 2014 awarded to the student with highest scholastic achievement and leadership potential in the Elliott School of International Affairs’ graduating class.  

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