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"What is your vision of a perfect world?" Reflections from the Sustained Dialogue Institute

by: Shabieko Ivy

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Today's dialogue at the Institute brought forth new ideas on how we can be a bridge connecting and overcoming the gaps that separate us.

The highlight of the dialogue was when Mark Farr asked my peers and I, "What is your vision of a perfect world?"

My vision of a perfect world is one where we can put aside our petty differences, and put forth the things that makes us human, and to be accountable not only for our actions, but for our neighbors. Accountability of knowing that our actions affect everything around us; environment, government and even greater, the people. Without this, there will never be peace.

Mark Farr, president of Sustained Dialogue Institute asks IYLA, "What is your vision of a perfect world?"

We must also become members of a new race. Doing this, we will become greater in number, enabling us to have greater understanding on ways in which to better the human family, and defeat our oppressors who fights against this union!

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Shabieko Ivy is an IYLA delegate with Jamaican roots. Currently she is a Junior at Hofstra University School of Communications studying Cultural Anthropology and Global Studies Major .

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