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Daily Sketch - Day 1 (8/11): And We're Off!

Welcome one and all to the 4th International Young Leaders Assembly!

Young leaders from around the world flocked to Washington D.C. hauling suitcases and wearing smiles despite their long travels. IYLA delegates filed into the Metro Points Hotel and got their nametags, exchanged social media contacts, and tweeted enthusiastic greeting to our IYLA community. (Hey there #IYLA2014!)

It is already apparent that our diverse group is determined to lead the next generation of young people.

Michael Adekunle Ojo is a delegate from Nigeria. Michael is here to network with people outside his traditional national and cultural boundaries with a common vision to create a brighter future. He described networking as a process of “people coming together and working as a team.”

It reminds me of a quote from the late Nelson Mandela, an iconic leader and advocate for world peace. Mandela called leadership “an expression of our willingness to engage in the issues and challenges we see around us.”


For the next 10 days our delegates will participate in this remarkable leadership program that will take them to globally significant institutions like the World Bank, the National Constitution Center, and the United Nations.

The International Young Leaders Assembly provides a stage for these young, but powerful leaders to engage with the issues and bond through a shared experience.

IYLA’s delegates are ready to face the global challenges head on and take the responsibility of moral and innovative leaders who generate out-of-the-box solutions.

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