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Inteck Seo

Global Peace Foundation


Mr. In-Teck Seo has been working for Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Korea as President. The GPF Korea has been focusing to substantiate the Vision of Korean Dream for Unified Korea with global network in 24 countries. At the same time, he has been actively serving as Co-Chair of the biggest Unification Movements Network in Korea, Action for Korea United since 2014. He is a member of Nat’l Unification Advisory Council.



Moreover, he played a leading role in carrying on the New Unification Song "One Dream One Korea" Campaign 2015 in order to inspire the 1020 generation with the vision and hopes for Unified Korea with 1,100 Korea NGOs, influencing 198 countries around the World.  Korea celebrities from various circles including 27 Top K-Pop artist teams such as EXO, EXID, Wonder Girls participated in the MV, Concert, and Campaign.


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