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Rosemary Odinga

Executive Director, Raila Odinga Center


Rosemary Odinga is an accomplished entrepreneur, a transformative leader, a farmer and a lobbyist for actions that empower young citizens of Africa socially and economically. Rosemary has passion for farming, a move that enabled her to start Shelltops Ltd to champion smart and innovative agriculture. The company offers alternative farming practices in Kenya and the rest of East Africa with special emphasis on sorghum, cassava and millet farming to reduce the region’s over reliance on maize as staple food and production of ethanol as clean fuel for household and transport. It promotes farming interests among the community and youth through seminars, practical research and training. Shelltops Limited also focuses on embedding innovative farming as an engine to enable Africa attains food security.


Indeed, Rosemary Odinga is the only known snail farmer in East Africa. She is also passionate about cultivating Nationalism among the citizenry to give them a sense of belonging to their country. In the recent past, Rosemary has been at the forefront of lobbying the government of Kenya to ensure that it provides Birth Certificates and Identification Cards to the youth so as to enable them access government services and qualify for employment as part of nation building.


Rosemary is the Executive Director of Raila Odinga Center (ROC), a foundation that focuses on providing education scholarships in East Africa, training young leaders and developing youth sports talents. She is a Member of the Global Chinese Business Future Leaders Club. She is also actively involved in boys’ mentorship programmes and is currently the Patron of the Upper Hill School Rugby Union Club. Rosemary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (Criminal Justice) from Howard University in Washington D.C, USA and an MBA in Business Marketing from the University of Dallas in Texas, USA.

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