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IYLA 2015 Speakers


Our speakers come from many countries all around the world, with varying backgrounds and occupations, to share their experiences with our youth leaders and call them to action.

Speaker Spotlight:

Shrijana Sitikhu
Program Officer-River of Peace Campaign
Event Speaker: World Bank (August 12)
"Here people have constructed their temporary houses by using local resources like bamboo and plastic in beautiful ways, which I enjoy. People are slowly coming back to normal and have started to work in their farms and offices."
We are looking to help Shrijana raise $12,000 to build 100 more "Shelters of Hope" ($120  builds 1 transition home). Click here to find more information on  Rise Nepal and the "Shelter of Hope Campaign".
Since childhood I have enjoyed serving people and communities. I have participated in the service activities organized by community and municipalities such as polio, elephantiasis and awareness programs. I often work and enjoy farm life with my family where I can feel nature in the air, crops and simple lifestyle. My parents' heart full of culture of service motivated me to be involved in selfless service.

Since joining Global Peace foundation I have enjoyed every moment of my life. The vision of One Family under God always motivated me to have big dreams and act to serve people beyond race, caste, religion and boundary. I enjoy working with Environment and Youth, networking and action oriented activities.

After the earthquakes my feelings and the condition of my communities is has evolved. Before I enjoyed my hometown, people didn't have pain and were happy though Nepal is backward in development and is unable to use its natural resources. Those people who lose their family members are in pain and miserable condition and it will take long time to recover. Everything is expensive now from food to the materials needed to build homes. People are worried are trying hard to return to normal life. Some people have built transitional shelters but people like widows, single person, elderly, and jobless are having tough time and staying in tent till now. They are often unable to build transitional shelters.

Thanks to people with good hearts we are able to build about 400 transitional shelters. Volunteers have been serving since April and desire to help until 1000 shelters have been built. Small efforts have big impact to the people who are in pain. Rise Nepal is a source of hope to lift the country up and shine.
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