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Dedi Mulyadi

Mayor of Purwakarta, West Java Province, Indonesia


Born in Subang, Mr. Dedi Mulyadi currently serves as the Mayor of Purwakarta. Mr. Mulyadi's political career began when he was elected Member of Parliament Purwakarta between 1999-2003 and served as Chairman of Chairman of Golkar Party (2004 – 2009). However, in 2003 , he was elected as the Vice Regent of Purwakarta. In 2008 , he ran as a regent of Purwakarta paired with Dudung B. Supardi. He was elected by the people to serve as the Mayor of Purwakarta from 2008-2013 and was re-elected in 2013 and will continue until 2018. 


Mr. Dedi Mulyadi graduated from University of Purnawarman, Indonesia in 2005. Dedi Mulyadi is a very influential political leader and has been awarded with Best Mayor Purwakarta in Indonesia by The Minister of Home Affairs and Best City in Indonesia in promoting culture, religious tolerance and peace by the Minister of Religious Affairs in 2013-2018. 

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