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Magali Cáceres


Deputy Executive Director, IYLA / International Advisor, Ministry of Youth of Paraguay


Magali Cáceres, proudly born in Asuncion, Paraguay, graduated from George Washington University earning a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science and is now a candidate of a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at American University. In GW she served as the first Hispanic Class Council President, for over 10,000 students. After playing for the Paraguayan Women National Soccer Team that qualified in the World Cup, she was drafted for the George Washington University Women’s Soccer Team. She has directed successful international youth leadership programs promoting moral and innovative leadership worldwide, working with the United Nations, World Bank, State Department, Capitol Hill, Embassies, and UN Permanent Missions. Besides being the Deputy Executive Director of IYLA, she serves as the International Advisor to the Ministry of Youth of Paraguay. She is a passionate young leader who aspires to make a difference in her country and enjoy her ride.

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