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Gugun Gumilar

Graduate Student, Hartford Seminary


Gugun Gumilar is a graduate student at Hartford Seminary. He endeavors to serve the youth to share their ideas, to learn new skills and knowledge, to exchange experiences, to implement their creativities and actively involved to make a better change to the world in four main core sectors in culture and language, education, social issues and environment. He thinks Youth as the citizen of the world. Every citizen has responsibility in keeping, protecting and also developing his or her own country. That's why youth do also have the responsibility to their "beloved-country". Also youth as the future of the world. Youth hold the future of the world, since youth who will be the leaders of the world in the future. Meanwhile youth will determine the world, whether to destruction or not. 3. Strengthening Youth capacity-building activities such as training and peer-assist, coordination of attendance in appropriate regional or international conferences, sharing of resources available to youth organizations such as funding and training, best practice exchanges, etc. He believes everyone in our "home" is family, no matter how different they are. Youth actions and support networking encourage members to implement the action in their countries. 

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