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Anya Babbit

CEO, Splitting Fares



Anya Babbitt is the Founder & CEO of "Splitting Fares." She has started multiple businesses and exited one. Her experience spans working in enterprise sales, strategic partnerships, corporate communications, marketing, sustainability and product design. Under Anya's leadership, SPLT has been recognized for press and awards, including Huffington Post, Forbes and selected Regional Finalists for Hult Prize (Clinton Global Initiative), and a TechCrunch article highlighting SPLT as the sustainable ridesharing platform.


Anya is resilient, resourceful and a quick decision maker. She wrote her thesis on the Kyoto treaty and reduction of carbon emissions. Anya is driven to work with municipalities, corporations and universities to help align integrated services thereby reformatting cities of the future where people are less dependent on cars.


Most recently, she co-developed a coalition, Smart City Start-up Consortium to address smart cities, SPLT being one of five startups working to connect public and private resources to help all American cities become smart cities. Anya is passionate about social responsibility and environmental impact, having started SLPT to create a more livable and breathable world with mobility access for all.

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