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Anna Blender



Vice President at BAV® Consulting


Anna Blender is a Vice President at BAV® Consulting, a global brand strategy firm that translates quantitative consumer insights into actionable ways to drive brand growth towards more purpose and more profit. As the lead of the Nation Branding Practice at BAV Consulting, Anna brings together expertise in International Relations, Economics, Finance and Sustainability. In addition to acting as an advisor to multinational corporations, governments and NGOs, she has hosted workshops and educational sessions to help marketers and complementary disciplines to better understand brand strategy and its implementation, especially as it relates to creating more purposeful and sustainable global brands. Anna is a regular guest lecturer at NYU-Stern, has been a featured industry expert on Wharton University’s Business Radio, and is regularly sought out for her expertise by publications like the Wall Street Journal. She graduated from Wharton with majors in International Studies, Finance and Marketing.

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