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Naomi’s Reflections of Day 7 – The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

My knees are pushed up to my chest and my arms are wrapped around my cramped legs.
    Excitement is building in the room.  Roaring applause fills the long halls as the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra graces the stage.
    The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra began from a Paraguayan slum were children could not afford instruments.
    So they made their instruments from other people’s trash.
    Today their music aims to highlight the issues of poverty and waste pollution across the world.
The most beautiful, unimaginably clean tone of classical music flows out to the crowd.
It is so inspiring to see the beauty that can emanate from instruments made from the rejections of society.
    As wondrous as the music was, it was not what captured my heart.
    Rather, It was the passion of these young musicians as they played with soul, love, and pure joy.    As a young leader, I can only hope that I too can have this same drive, the same fiery passion to move the hearts of people without even speaking the same language.



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