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The International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) is a premier partnership-driven leadership development initiative that empowers promising young leaders to positively impact their communities and society at large. The synergistic interactive program brings together student leaders and young professionals with globally significant leaders and institutions.

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"The experience served as a time to reflect on the meaning of leadership and strive towards understanding the role of ethics and morality in positions of power."

– Christian Soto 

AmeriCorps VISTA

(United States)

“The whole IYLA experience made me revisit my core beliefs and principles. IYLA activities allowed me to upgrade, validate, and negate some of them. Truly IYLA is one of the momentous times of my life.”

– Emil Tapnio 

Philippines Development Foundation


"Thank you IYLA for providing opportunities to take part in discussing relevant issues. I feel like I am revived with new leadership skills, values and responsibilities to do my part to make the world a better place."

– Suman Giri

Ministry of Federal Affairs


"The past two weeks have been nothing but amazing... The burning desire to leave a positive impact as a young leader anywhere and everywhere I go has never been stronger.”

– Tuan Afif Nadirah

Sunway College


“This experience and time is so invaluable and dear to me. I've not only learned a lot about the rest of the world, but also myself. I've rediscovered myself and my purpose in life."

– Jasmine Chung –

Queensborough Community College


“IYLA has impacted my life so much. After spending eight days with the crew and my fellow delegates,...I feel I'm living as a better leader to also impact my community with what I have learned.”

– Ayuk Ode

NEGDRUGS and Clinical Center Association


“I've met so many amazing people and made friends from all different walks of life and different cultures, races, religions. I've learned a lot about leadership and I've been really inspired to strive for my big dreams..."

– Elise Webb

Macquarie University


“It has taught me these past ten days to re-evaluate my life, choices, and leadership skills...With a team of people of the common vision, you will go far.”

– Peony Kong

Mount Royal University


"IYLA has made me a much more self-aware person. I have learned a lot about myself, because only when you're around people who know nothing about your past, your personality you show your true self, and once you do that, you find out who you are.”

– Khalid Sherwani

Institute of Business





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